Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keetah is a happy and sweet shelter resident who keeps on smiling despite her challenges. She was rescued at 3 days old with her mother, Scrunchie (aka Mercy) last August. Approaching a year old, knowing nothing but the busy shelter life and a foster home’s love, she has had a pretty good start. Recently, Keetah lost the battle with a neighborhood fence and broke her leg. Our shelter has been overwhelmed with special needs dogs and vet bills lately, so this one put us over the top! Our first quote for surgery was $4000, but we managed to find a senior vet who was willing to do it for the cost of the surgery as a learning experience for his junior vets. Win-Win!

Keetah is comfortable now with her leg in a splint and awaits her surgery. The cost for surgery and rehabilitation is approximately $700 and we have already received $425 in donations for Keetah. If you can help, please consider making a donation – every penny gets her closer to recovery.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Busy weekend....

Phew, this weekend was busy! My foster mom took me down to the Misty Creek Adopt-a-thon at Dogma. I was a busy puppy - trying to sniff out my forever home. I met lots of people of all ages, and all of the other Misty Creek dogs.
The best part of all is that I got to hang out with my sisters, Nessie and Matsu. I was a really good girl the whole time, I really tried to show off my good looks and friendly personality. Hopefully this results in an adoption application for me!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Still cute as a button...

Hello again everyone! We were snowed in for the weekend and thought it would be a good time for some pictures and updates. As you can see, I'm growing into quite the lovely young lady.

I've moved from Misty Creek into a foster home and I'm settling in quite well. There are lots of friends to play with here, though Shotzie the cat doesn't like me so much, I'm still figuring out how to play with her. I also have some dog friends here - I love to get them to play with me.

I'm working on learning some lessons and will sit when I'm told (even without treats). I can't wait to learn more tricks.

As you can see I love to play in the snow with my friends.

I won't make a mess in my kennel, but my foster mom says I'm outside FOREVER doing my business. Or maybe it just feels that way because it's so cold. I'm still new to this house training business, but I'm a smart pup I'm sure I'll catch on fast.

That's all I have to report on for now. I'll be sure to keep you posted as I learn new things.

Please contact Misty Creek if you'd like to bring me home for the holidays.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cute little Keetah...

My name is Keetah and I'm one of Scrunchie's female puppies new to Misty Creek. I was born on August 17th, so I'm still quite a young puppy with lots to learn.

Though I'm quite small now, I'll probably grow up to be a nice sized medium dog when I'm older.

I'm cute as a button - just look at my fuzzy brown face and tiny black nose!

If you think you'd like to meet me, visit Misty Creek to find out how you can visit. Woofs for now!